Living Treasures Program

“Honoring someone through Living Treasures is a way of increasing the wealth of human relationships and helping out the nonprofits.”

JoAnn Ross Cunningham

The Living Treasures Program was created as a way for donors to honor friends, relatives and community members who are valued and make a difference in a variety of ways. Your gift to the Living Treasures Program in the name of a specific person helps support the work of the many nonprofit organizations in the Chilkat Valley.

Living Treasures gifts can be made to any Chilkat Valley Community Foundation fund.

Individuals named as Living Treasures will be recognized in CVCF’s annual December newsletter, on CVCF’s Facebook page, and on this web page. They will also receive a special card acknowledging them as a treasure. Currently our Living Treasures card features artwork by Haines High School graduate Elizabeth Jurgeleit.

To make your donation in honor of someone, please indicate the name on your check or in “Additional Instructions” when donating online.

I can’t really bake enough cookies or cakes to show the depth of my appreciation to some people, but I can make a donation in their name through Living Treasures. Chilkat Valley would not be as wonderful a place to live without people who do so much for our community. I love having this option to donate money in their names to CVCF, who will then multiply the money to the benefit of our community.

Cindy Buxton

2024 Living Treasures

♥Janine Allen
♥Melissa Aronson
♥Sandy Barclay
♥John Minoia
♥Tom Morphet

2023 Living Treasures

♥ Sally Boisvert
♥ Stacie Evans
♥ June Haas
♥ Lee Heinmiller
♥ Krystal Lloyd
♥ Élie Roux
♥ Connie Staska
♥ Tracy Wirak-Cassidy

2022 Living Treasures

♥ Nancy DeCherney & the Hopper clan
♥ Chuck Mitman & all the Uglys
♥ Cynthia Allen
♥ Wendy Bergstrand
♥ Sally Boisvert
♥ Greg Brittenham
♥ JoAnn Ross Cunningham
♥ June Haas
♥ Haines Community Volunteers
♥ Warren Johnson
♥ CJ Jones
♥ Lorraine Kasko
♥ Tim McDonough & Ann Myren
♥ Doris Peck
♥ Sharon Samuels
♥ Mariko Sarafin
♥ Stephanie Scott
♥ Nishan & Susan Weerasinghe

2021 Living Treasures

♥ In honor of Heather Lende’s books
♥ In honor of “anonymous” donors
♥ First responders to the weather event in December 2020
♥ Heather Lende for her wonderful books about Haines
♥ Shaleena Bott
♥ Medical clinic staff who nobly serve
♥ The people of the Chilkat – the community
♥ SEARHC nurses
♥ Georgia Haisler
♥ Ron Stotz & Nancy Bandy
♥ Jesse Pinkman
♥Melissa Aronson
♥ Janice Studley
♥ John Norton
♥ Don Turner, Jr.
♥ Roger Schnabel
♥ Winter Cheney
♥ Bryan Harman
♥ Hearts for Haines
♥ Barbara Laye
♥ Vincent & Jansy Hansen
♥ NeNe Wolfe
♥ Michelle Howell
♥ Heather Lende
♥ Jeff Baird
♥ Allen Arnone & Morgen Smith
♥ Richard & Annie Caulfield
♥ Aaron Davidman & Sarana Miller
♥ Drew Degen
♥ Celeste Grimes
♥ Haines EMS
♥ Haines EOS
♥ Haines Landslide Disaster Relief
♥ Tom Hall
♥ Michelle Howell
♥ Tom Traibush & Nomi Sundberg
♥ Helen VanNice

2020 Living Treasures

♥ Cecily Stern
♥ Annette Gregg Smith
♥ Greg Podsiki
♥ Mike Howard
♥ Steve & Ann Marie Fossman
♥ Gregg Bigsby
♥ Haines EMS
♥ Jim & Lee Graham
♥ Peter Sidmore
♥ Sam, Shannon, Owen & Emily McPhetres
♥ Celeste Grimes
♥ The Staska Family
♥ Jim Stock
♥ Tom Traibush & Nomi Sundberg
♥ Van Sundberg & Tracey Miller
♥ Richard & Annie Caulfield
♥ Sue & Sarah
♥ Haines Landslide Disaster Relief
♥ Aaron & Sarana
♥ Helen VanNice, Norma, Ruth and Esther Hurlburt
♥ Everyone in Haines
♥ Heather Lende and the residents of Haines
♥ Haines EOC
♥ Local Journalists at KHNS & Chilkat Valley News
♥ Heather Lende
♥ The Hayden-Lewis Family
♥ Danny Hill
♥ Morgen Smith & Allen Arnone
♥ Rebecca Smith & Damon Stuebner
♥ Joe Oesterling & Tracy Mikowski
♥ The Haines Community
♥ Shannon McPhetres
♥ Jerry Blood
♥ Drew Degen
♥ Dr. Bill Broste
♥ Ann Myren
♥ Sara Chapell
♥ Chuck Mitman
♥ Jerry & Barb Blood
♥ Jeanne Kitayama

2019 Living Treasures

♥ Mike Howard
♥ Gregg Bigsby
♥ Chip Lende
♥ Steve & JoAnn Cunningham
♥ Steve & Ann Fossman
♥ Liz Heywood
♥ Lea Harris
♥ Greg Podsiki
♥ Cecily Stern
♥ Annette Gregg Smith

2018 Living Treasures

♥ Dick and Julie Folta
♥ Ron and Jacque Horn
♥ Stan Jones
♥ David Olerud
♥ Nancy Nash
♥ Lora McCoy
Greg & Shannon Higgins

2017 Living Treasures

♥ Dick and Julie Folta
♥ Vince and Jansy Hansen
♥ Marianne Rasmussen
♥ Nicki Hopper
♥ Dave and Valery McCandless
♥ Jim Shook
♥ Bruce Gilbert
♥ Chip & Heather Lende

2016 Living Treasures

♥ Bruce Gilbert
♥ Chuck Mitman
♥ Linda Graham
♥ Valery McCandless
♥ Marnie Hartman
♥ Anne Boyce and Paul Swift
♥ Caitlin Stern and Jessie Barker

2015 Living Treasures

♥ Sam McPhetres
♥ Vinca Gilman
♥ Patrick Shallcross
♥ Ann Myren
♥ Alan Heinrich

2014 Living Treasures

♥ Len Feldman
♥ Debra Schnabel
♥ Melissa Aronson
Mardell Gunn

2013 Living Treasures

 Linda Graham
 Ralph Borders
 Mark and Diana Edwards
 Georgia Haisler
 Art Jess
 Ed and Yuko Hays
 Beth MacCready
 Sandy June Degen
Diz Kistler
♥ Mardell Gunn
♥ Gershon Cohen
♥ Tim Shields
 Doris Ward
 Charlie DeWitt
 Liz Heywood
 Michelle Byer
 Lyle Huff
 Nancy Nash

2012 Living Treasures

Mario and Natalie Benassi
Pam Randles
Lindsey Moore
Stephanie Scott
Steve Vick
Kimberley Strong
Nevada Benton
Tiana Taylor
Patty Brown
Maisie Jones
Jacky Rugirello
Cheryl Stickler
Maria Ackley