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Chilkat_Valley_CF_4As an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, Chilkat Valley Community Foundation’s (CVCF) goal is to support projects that enhance the quality of life for Chilkat Valley area residents, addressing immediate needs while working toward long-term improvements. We are continually listening and learning about what is important to you.

We use proceeds from our growing permanent endowment funds to award yearly grants to support charitable organizations and programs in the Chilkat Valley area. Grants support a broad range of community needs, including health and wellness, education, the great outdoors, arts and culture, and community development. We seek projects that have the potential to impact a broad range of residents and show collaboration with other organizations.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Advisory Board or CVCF Program Manager, Sara Chapell, at if you have a project you hope we’ll support.

2019 Competitive Grants Cycle: Open Now

Our 2019 competitive grants cycle was open from July 31 to September 25. If you are a current grantee and need to complete a grant report or other follow up, please note that these are completed using the online grant system.

2019 CVCF Grant Guidelines

If you are interested in applying for a grant through CVCF, click the following link for application instructions: Online Grant Application Tutorial.

Please direct programmatic and general questions to CVCF’s Program Manager, Sara Chapell, at Please direct eligibility and technical questions about the online grant system to The Alaska Community Foundation’s Affiliate Program staff at or 907-334-6700.

CVCF Grantee Resources

If you are interested in applying for a grant through CVCF, please click the link for application instructions: Online Grant Application Tutorial

The following links describe the 2019 grant guidelines and review criteria:

If you are a current Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) grantee and are looking for resources on how best to promote or share about the CVCF grant your organization received, please click on the resources below:

Please remember to check when your grant report is due and to complete the required grant report in the same online grant system your organization used to apply for the grant.

For instructions to access and complete your grant report, please click the link: Online Grant Reporting Tutorial

If you have questions, please contact CVCF’s Program Manager, Sara Chapell, at:

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