In the Chilkat Valley, we have some of the most generous donors in Alaska!

Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) donors have helped numerous local nonprofits by making gifts to the CVCF endowment fund, which will support nonprofits in Haines in perpetuity. Grants are made from the endowment back to area nonprofits and have helped operating support and project/program funding, with grants ranging from supporting the Haines Animal Rescue to replacing the metal door in the Haines public library, to supporting the arts through the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center.

Below is a list of individual & business donors. Add your name to our Donors page!

2017 Individual & Business Donors

2016 Individual & Business Donors

2015 Individual & Business Donors

2014 Individual & Business Donors

2013 Individual & Business Donors