The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation was formed in 2008 as an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation. Since then, we have grown the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Fund – an unrestricted, permanently endowed fund that allows the most flexibility to determine how best to meet current and future community needs in the Valley, and have worked with donors to create the following funds for which the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Advisory Board makes grant recommendations.

Gifts to any fund may be designated as Memorials to remember loved ones or as Living Treasures to honor or thank specific individuals.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Together we can build community through giving.

Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Fund

This is our flagship granting endowment fund. The earnings from this endowment are used to award grants through a competitive grant cycle to local qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofits.  This flexible endowment meets the current needs of our community as they arise. These needs may address many issues, such as social services, hunger, education, arts and humanities, environmental, and youth services. As this endowment grows, so does our ability to support causes that Alaskans care about.

Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund

This is the vehicle for the CVCF to become self-sustaining by growing a fund that is specifically designed to support our operations. The interest earned from this fund goes to support operating costs such as community programs and events, newsletters, office operations, marketing, and outreach. This fund also sponsors training events for CVCF and local nonprofit leaders. The Operating Endowment Fund is essential to achieving our mission and supporting our community.

Chilkat Valley Affiliate Operating Fund

A non-endowed fund to support the activities of the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation.

Chilkat Valley Environmental Fund

All grants will be awarded to support initiatives or programs to protect, manage, sustain or create awareness of any or all aspects of a healthy environment in the Chilkat Valley. Possible areas of support include, but are not limited to, educational programs or projects that promote a healthy environment, equipment, technical assistance for environmental programs, environmental health forums, etc.

Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Memorial Fund

CVCF invites you to contribute to the CVCF Memorial Fund in memory of a family member, friend, or another special individual. Each year a portion of the revenues generated by this unrestricted fund will be given to nonprofits that provide services in the Chilkat Valley.

Chilkat Valley Medical/Health Fund

Established by Ron Stotz and Nancy Bandy in 2020 as part of their legacy planning, Ron and Nancy partnered with the CVCF Board to endow the fund in 2022. Grants will be awarded to eligible nonprofits for health and medical needs in the Chilkat Valley. Possible support areas include but are not limited to stipends for transportation, lodging/food, medevac insurance, prescriptions and procedures; equipment like wheelchairs/walkers, hospital beds, and automatic defibrillators; and other health-related medical needs.

Art Jess Scholarship Fund

The Art Jess Scholarship fund is open to Alaska residents who are Alaska Native, American Indian, and/or Hawaiian Native, and is intended to assist Alaskans with their post-secondary education, including but not limited to trade school, vocational school, Associates or Bachelors degrees, community colleges, and distance learning. Preference is given to Chilkat Valley residents and tribal members of Chilkat Indian Village and Chilkoot Indian Association. Applicants may be full or part-time students.

Ashley and Heather Call Family Fund

A named endowment to meet the ever-changing needs of the Chilkat Valley.

In addition to the funds of the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, there are individuals, families, and organizations within the Valley that have opened their own separate funds with The Alaska Community Foundation. The organizations and individuals listed below are committed to strengthening our community and achieving their philanthropic goals through the funds they advise. We are proud to support their commitment to local philanthropy in our community.

Chilkat Valley Fitness and Wellness Fund

All grants will be awarded to support initiatives, activities, or programs related to physical fitness, active recreation, and wellness in the Chilkat Valley. Funded projects must be non-motorized and unrelated to firearms. Possible areas of support include, but are not limited to, educational/training programs and projects that promote physical and mental wellness for all ages and abilities; outdoor recreation and safety programs; competitions; school sports programs; equipment; technical assistance; and/or health fairs and forums.

Gifts to these funds go through ACF directly.

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