CVCF Memorial Fund

CVCF invites you to make a contribution to the CVCF Memorial Fund in memory of a family member, friend, or another special individual. Each year a portion of the revenues generated by this fund will be given to nonprofits that provide services in the Chilkat Valley. Your contribution will continue to make a difference long into the future. Our Memorial Fund Founding Donor Campaign ended on May 28, 2012 (Memorial Day). Twenty founding donors gave in memory of their loved ones, whose names are listed in the banner above.

No matter what their size, donations to the CVCF Memorial Fund allow you to remember and honor family, friends, and others who have made a difference in your life. Each gift serves as a tribute to the person since the fund will exist in perpetuity.

Upon receipt of a memorial gift, a CVCF Advisory Board member sends the donor a note of appreciation and ACF provides an acknowledgment for tax purposes. If the contact information is provided we also send a card to a designated family member or friend of the person being remembered.


Memorial NameYear
Nowyta Badgley2021
Richard Boyce2021
John, Babs, & Sally Jo Bridge2021
Joan Terry Comerford2021
Jon Cummins2021
Alexandra Feit2021
Robert & Wilma Henderson2021
Pat Jones2021
David Kammerer2021
Phil Reeves2021
Mary D. Samuel2021
David Simmons2021
Genevieve Stevens2021
Doris Ward2021
Babe and Evelyn Badgley2020
John Bednar2020
Kaitlin Beske2020
Mrs. Ruth Black2020
Fr. Jim Blaney, OMI2020
Nadean H. Burrington2020
Bob Duis2020
Zane Valentine Durr 2020
George Edwards2020
Elizabeth Friedenauer2020
Linda Graham2020
Lucy Harrell2020
Bob & Wilma Henderson2020
Bill Hendricks2020
David Kammerer2020
Patricia Kistler2020
Jenae Larson, beloved Alaskan teacher2020
Nash Brothers: Olen, Aaron, and Song2020
Phil Reeves2020
Lee Roberts2020
David Simmons2020
Those who perished in the landslide2020
Alan Traut2020
David C. Ward2020
Pete and Clare Andriesen2019
Babe and Evelyn Badgley2019
Richard Boyce2019
Bill Burlingame2019
Frank & Lee DeFazio2019
Bob Duis2019
Rev. Ben Fairall2019
Bruce and Gail Gilbert2019
Vinca Gilman2019
Linda Graham2019
Bob & Wilma Henderson2019
John Marquardt2019
Marion & June Nussbaumer2019
Kay Smith2019
Clint & Ruth Sturdevant2019
Babe & Evelyn Badgley2018
Richard Boyce2018
Judi Broste2018
Lee & Frank DeFazio2018
Vinca Gilman2018
Linda Graham2018
Art Jess2018
Sue Luescher2018
Mike Melden2018
Catherine Smith2018
Kaci Keffer Ahmuty2017
Babe & Evelyn Badgley2017
Ed Beitner2017
Bob Duis2017
Lyn Dunbar2017
Bruce Gilbert2017
Vinca Gilman2017
Susan Graham2017
Lib & Whitey Hakkinen2017
Harold Hopper2017
Benner “BJ” Jones2017
Mildred Kleven2017
Sue Luescher2017
Mick McCarter2017
Steve McPhetres2017
Curtis & Bonnie Miller2017
Song Nash2017
John & Erma Schnabel2017
Jack & Doris Schupp2017
Linda Swanner2017
Marty Tengs2017
Jordan Barber2016
Vinca Gilman2016
Lib & Whitey Hakkinen2016
Carl & Betty Heinmiller2016
Merle Howser2016
Edith Jacquot2016
Sue Luescher2016
Steve McPhetres2016
Susan Meacock2016
John & Erma Schnabel2016
Jack & Doris Schupp2016
Miriam Cameron2015
Lib & Whitey Hakkinen2015
Sue Luescher2015
Stephen McPhetres2015
Susan Meacock2015
Ray Menaker2015
Dorothy Meyers2015
Carol Ross2015
Louise Gauvey Streater2015
Dawne Thompsen2015
David C. Ward2015
Arthur & Phyllis Catotti2014
Lyn Dunbar2014
George Edwards2014
Constance Griffith2014
Alden Hamilton2014
Edith Jacquot2014
Art Jess2014
Lola Knutson2014
Susan Meacock2014
David C. Myren2014
Mike Saunders2014
Ron Sparks, Sr.2014
Karl Ward2014
Babe and Evelyn Badgley2013
Russell Bolick2013
Ellen Borders2013
Lyn Dunbar2013
Elisabeth Sheldon Hakkinen2013
Kathleen Moonan Johnson2013
Bob June2013
Ted Lynch2013
Harriet Sheldon Brakken2013
Ron Sparks, SR.2013
David C. Ward2013
Evelyn Badgley2012
Richard Boyce2012
Lyn Dunbar2012
Dorothy and Clifford Fossman2012
Arlene Jackson2012
Harriet Jurgeleit2012
Ted Lynch2012
Jim and Rachel McDonough2012
Charles and Mary Jo Meizner2012
Vivian Menaker2012
Louis and Hazel Nelson2012
Mike Saunders2012
Madeleine Shields2012
Norm Smith, Sr.2012
Dave Ward2012
Bud & Shirley Barber2011
Norman Blank2011
Russell Bolick2011
Ellen Borders2011
Lyn Dunbar2011
Walter Feit2011
Wilma Henderson2011
Tom Jackson2011
Martha K. Jones2011
Stanley G. Laing2011
Phil Lende2011
Barbara Lewis2011
Tim Litera2011
Hugh Malone2011
Ted & Leola Myren2011
Vic Palmer2011
Roderick William Ross2011
Mike Saunders2011
Madeleine Shields2011
Sally Vuillet2011
Karl Ward2011