2016 CVCF Grant Program Now Open Cycle runs July 30th - September 30th

The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Grant Program opens July 30th

Over $13,000 is available for grant awards this year through the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Endowment Fund! Additionally, there is a $500 grant award available through Chilkat Valley Community Foundation’s Environmental Fund for projects that support a healthy environment in the Chilkat Valley.

Applications are being accepted for the following three (3) categories:

  1. Operating Support Grants may be awarded to sustainable organizations in amounts not to exceed 10% of the organization’s secured cash annual budget.
  2. New Program and Special Project Grants may be awarded for programs and projects that are not undertaken on an annual basis. A grant requesting $1,000 or more is a challenge grant at a ratio of 1:1 (grantees must raise $1 to receive $1). Grants of $500 to $999 do not require a match. The recipient’s match must be raised within twelve months of the award notification and must be raised from at least five (5) different donors.
  3. Capital Grants may be awarded as the local match to another funding source. Capital Grant applicants will receive extra scoring points if they have applied for another foundation grant, such as the Rasmuson Foundation’s Tier One Grant, for the proposed project prior to submitting an application to the CVCF.

Please direct your programmatic and general application questions to the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Advisory Board at chilkatvalley@alaskacf.org or call 907-766-6868.

Send your technical questions about the online application system to The Alaska Community Foundation by email: grants@alaskacf.org or call 907-334-6700


Click here for more information and to apply: APPLY NOW