Chilkat Valley News editor Kyle Clayton holds a newspaper and smiles

Thank you Chilkat Valley News!


The Chilkat Valley News will generously donate 10% of their December ad revenue to Chilkat Valley Community Foundation’s Endowed Operating Fund.  The CVCF Endowed Operating Fund supports CVCF’s mission “to promote giving and enhance the quality of life in the Chilkat Valley” by providing support for the grant making process, local education opportunities like nonprofit trainings and forums, and community programs like the KHNS Nonprofit Spotlight.  Thanks to The Alaska Community Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation, the Chilkat Valley News donation to the Endowed Operating Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

From the Chilkat Valley News: “Ten percent of profits from the December Holiday advertising will be donated to the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation. The donation applies to a single 7-column inch ad or larger, or three weeks of 3-inch ads, or two weeks of 4-inch ads. If you or your business participates, you will also be included in a “thank you” list at the end of the year.  If you are interested or have any questions, please feel to reach out via email at, or via phone at (907) 766-2688.”

Thank you Kyle Clayton and the Chilkat Valley News for your support of local nonprofits and investing in the future of a healthy and happy Chilkat Valley!