2023 Grant Awards

The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation held its 2023 Grant Awards at the Chilkat Center for the Arts on November 5, where it formally announced this year’s grant recipients. Representatives from each organization briefly spoke about the projects and/or services their grant funds will support in the coming year.

CVCF awarded grants to twenty-one community organizations serving the Chilkat Valley, with a total distribution of $57,145.00.  This is the fifteenth annual grant cycle for CVCF. A team of ten CVCF Advisory Board members and three volunteer community members read and discussed each application, scoring them according to pre-established guidelines and also considering community need and impact in making final decisions. CVCF strives to support efforts that have broad reach in the community, that support many age groups, and that enhance local well-being, opportunity, security, and health.  Some grants are drawn from special-purpose endowments whose donors wish specifically to support environmental or fitness and wellness projects.

The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation is thankful for all of the nonprofits that provide important services and activities that help make ours a thriving community.

CVCF is also deeply grateful for its remarkable donors who make these grants to nonprofits possible, and whose generosity has steadily grown the amount that can be given out each year.

Click here for the full list of grantees for 2023.