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2022 Match Opportunity

Once again it is time for CVCF to celebrate our donors’ generosity!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to 36 donors making 43 gifts to our Operating Endowment Fund and the unrestricted CVCF Fund, our donors have met the $25,000 Operating Endowment match offered by The Alaska Community Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation for 2022

The CVCF Advisory Board members were so inspired by our donors’ generosity that they have contributed $11,000 to create a NEW MATCH OPPORTUNITY! These funds are available NOW for anyone wanting to make an investment in the Operating Endowment Fund.  This new match opportunity will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of our donors’ investments and help assure our sustainability!

The CVCF Advisory Board has set a goal of building the Operating Endowment Fund to $600,000 by 2029. Our plan includes raising a total of $75,000 for the Operating Endowment in 2022, so we still have a ways to go. With these matching dollars available we hope those interested in helping advance CVCF’s goal for long-term sustainability will give a gift today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Together we can build community through giving.