2015 CVCF Grant Cycle Cycle runs July 30th - September 30th

The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) is pleased to announce its seventh grantmaking cycle. For more information, visit Grants.

Over $14,000 will be available for grant awards this year. Included in this total is a $500 grant offered through the newly established Chilkat Valley Environmental Fund for projects that support a healthy environment in the Chilkat Valley. In addition to the Environmental Grant, a $600 mini-tech grant, sponsored by Kingfisher Consulting, LLC, is again being generously offered.

This grant cycle opens July 30th, 2015. Applications are due September 30th, 2015 by 5:00 pm Alaska time.

Visit Grants for the eligibility requirements, an online application tutorial and to apply online.

Please direct your programmatic and general application questions to the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Advisory Board at chilkatvalley@alaskacf.org or call 907-766-6868.

Send your technical questions about the online application system to ACF Senior Program Associate, Mariko Sarafin, at msarafin@alaskacf.org or call 907-249-6609.